Tour No.04 "Nigiri-Basami in Ono"
How to grind

"How To Grind Nigiri-basami"
Fujiwara san's nigiri-basami is made of steel. Blades are made of steel, and it can be grinded, if the edge becomes blunt. We recommend you to print this page, and ask professionals to grind.

(1)Please hold tightly more than usual use. There is a bump in the end of blade, which usually stops the blade to go farther. But for the grinding, you must push both blades strongly, and make it like the shape as below.
( Blades bite point will be the way it was, if you bend.) And please tie it up strongly.

(2) Hold nigiri-basami in right hand, and grind the blade with fine grind stone.
You must grind in only one direction same as figure. If you grind in reverse direction, blade will have nicks.
Never grind the plain surface side of the blade.

(3)If the edge become the textured, grinding is completed.

*This nigiri-basami is made of steel. If you don't frequently use, it may be rusted. You had better coat with oil.
Some users wind fabrics on the handle part.

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